App-V 5.0/App-V 5.1 Applications not launching when selected "RunAs" option

Question: We have an environment where user has separate login account and for testing purpose there is an administrator account to which we as an administrator login to the published applications for troubleshooting. With App-V 5.0, we are unable to launch by shift+Right clicking on the shortcut and selecting "RunAs" option to troubleshoot. This worked exactly as desired in App-V 4.6 The Applications are published through SCCM 2012 for the users. We are not seeing any error when launching the App-V 5.0 shortcuts using "RunAs". When normally double clicking on the shortcut, it launches fine. What might be the reason?

Reason: The reason is, the App-V 5.0/5.1 application has been published for the user through SCCM 2012. When published for a particular user collection, the application will work only for that users. It won't work for other users. This is the reason why "Run as different user" failed to launch the application.

Solution: If you want your Admin account to launch the shortcut, then it should also be added to the  user collection in the SCCM 2012 console or you may want to publish the application globally to the machine so that all the users and the admin account can launch the shortcut properly.

I have added the user/admin account  to the collection and updated the statistics in SCCM 2012, even then I am not able to use "Run as different user". What might be the cause?

If the deployment is made available to the user, then the application needs to be installed first to all the users in the collection then only "Run as different user" will work for that user account.
For example: user A and user B are in the user collection and the application has been deployed to the user group through SCCM 2012. User A logs in and installs the application as it has been made as available. Launches the shortcut and it works fine. Now tries to launch the shortcut using " RunAs" option and entering User B credentials. It fails to load because the application has not been installed to the User B. After installing the application to the User B and tried to launch the shortcut in User A with User B credentials the application launches fine. This is because the application has been installed for User B. This method is not required if the deployment is made as required in SCCM 2012.

NOTE: When published to the users, the "Run as Administrator" option will work properly as desired. Only the "Run as different user" will fail to launch the shortcut correctly.

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