Use WMI to list published virtual packages - App-V 5.0 & 5.1

Recently I read an article from David Falkus as how to use WMI to list App-V applications published to the machine.You can use this method if not able to access Powershell and also this method can help in basic troubleshooting. I experimented this and it seems to be very useful. Below are the steps as how to use WMI to list published applications and connection groups.

1. Open Run and type wbemtest.

2. Select Connect button.

3. Enter root\appv and click connect.

4. Click Enum Instances.

5. Enter AppvClientPackage and click ok. Also you can use AppvClientConnectionGroup to list the published Connection Groups.

6. This will list the packages that are published to the machine.

7. When you double click the package it will list the properties of the package like InUse, PackageID, VersionID etc.

8. This method is similar to that of using Get-AppvClientPackage in Powershell.

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