Automate Convertion of old App-V 4.6 packages into App-V 5.1 using Powershell

App-V 5.1 is out now. There might be a case where you need to convert old App-V 4.5 or App-V 4.6 applications to new App-V 5.1 format.If there are one or two packages it will be easy to create. But what if suppose there are some 100's of App-V 4.x apps? It will be quite complex and time consuming. 
This powershell script will make this scenario very easy. Just provide the folder where the old packages (App-V 4.5 or App-V 4.6) are kept and run the powershell script. Within some minutes, new App-V 5.1 packages will be created in the output folder. 
For Example: Create a single folder named App-V packages in C:\ drive (C:\App-V packages). Copy all the old App-V 4.x packages to this folder. Edit the powershell script and give this main folder as input to the  $appv46folder variable.

# specify the folder where bulk App-V 4.6 packages are kept

$appv46folder = "C:\App-V packages"  

NOTE: Do not create subfolders inside the main folder as it has not been handled in the PS.
Run this script where App-V 5.1 sequencer has been installed.Prior to conversion it is good to test the packages for its conversion using Test-AppVLegacyPackage
Convereted App-V 5.1 packages can be found in  C:\AppV5convertedpackages folder.
Check this link to know about converting of old App-V 4.x applications to new App-V 5.1 format – 
NOTE: If you are running a computer with a 64-bit architecture, you must use the x86 version of PowerShell to run this script. Also execution policy has to be enabled to allow this script to be run.
This script can also be used to convert old App-V packages into App-V 5.0 format too. 
Disclaimer: This script is designed only for testing purpose and hence I do not own any responsibility for any system failures or issues. Test the script in your environment before you do any mass conversion.
To download the script click HERE

MSIX Packaging Tool- 0x80131500 when building

Recently tested converting TortoiseSVN msi package to MSIX using MSIX Package converter. Everything worked fine during monitoring phase and during build the tool struck up and showed an error code 0x80131500.


When checked for the msix log file it showed error stating duplicate ID's in the Appx manifest file.

[3/7/2019 6:38:14 AM] [Error] ERROR: PRI191: 0x80080204 - Appx manifest not found or is invalid. Please ensure well-formed manifest file is present. Or specify an index name with /in switch.

[3/7/2019 6:38:14 AM] [Error]

[3/7/2019 6:38:14 AM] [Error] error C00CE1A1: App manifest validation error: The app manifest must be valid as per schema: Line 20, Column 2554, Reason: 'f26e2640-0cff-43dc-8325-575a3261d885' is a duplicate key for the unique Identity Constraint '{}Class_Id'.

[3/7/2019 6:38:14 AM] [Error]

Since there was no output generated other than the log file, it was hard to find a solution. So when checked in MSIX Techcommunity it seems it is an issue with MSIX tool build v1.2019.110.0. This issue is resolved in latest insider build v1.2019.304.0.

Thanks to JamesPike & Tim Mangan for confirming this issue and its resolution.

Release Notes :

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Adobe Acrobat DC App-V & Windows 10 Issue - Resolved

Later have been seeing issues when removing earlier versions of Adobe Acrobat DC and installing newer version in windows 10 1703/1709 which has been explained very well in the below blog by Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

The solution was to restart the machine and try again earlier. Now this is fixed with the release of new updates for windows 10.

1703 fixed in 2018.10 - KB4462939
1709 fixed in 2018.10 - KB4462932
1803 fixed in 2018.10 - KB4462933

Thanks to Tim Mangan for sharing this update information.