Solution: COM Addin failure with Locally installed MS Office 2016 c2r

These days I see many queries in Microsoft technet forum related to COM Addin's not getting loaded into locally installed MS Office 2016 c2r version. So to help others, I have listed the possible solutions which I have gathered from my experience and from other blog posts in a single article below.


1. Sequence Microsoft Office 2016 addin's using App-V 5.1 Sequencer
2. Publish the sequenced addin's package in the client side which has App-V 5.1 client and  Microsoft Office 2016 c2r locally installed
3. Launch the Microsoft Office 2016 c2r Word/Excel using /appvve: or RunVirtual registry key to load them into the  published addin's virtual environment to test the addin's.
4. we see that the addin is not loaded.

You can find a similar possible reason for failure in the below link.

"The ProcessesUsingVirtualComponents registry value specifies a list of process paths that are candidates for using dynamic virtualization (supported shell extensions, browser helper objects, and ActiveX controls). Only processes whose full path matches one of these items can use dynamic virtualization.

By default, Explorer.exe and Internet Explorer are listed there. Therefore, when the iexplore.exe process runs, it has the APPVEntsubsystem32.dllloaded in Internet Explorer. When Office C2R detects that APPVEntsubsystem32.dll is loaded into Internet Explorer, it does not load jitv.dll or APPVISVSubsystem32.dll into Internet Explorer. As a result, there is no registry redirection support.

When the JavaScript that's running in Internet Explorer tries to create any ActiveX objects that are part of the Office C2R package, that operation fails and the Office C2R and SharePoint integration are broken. Office C2R and App-V dynamic virtualization aren’t designed to co-exist; therefore, Office C2R disables Dynamic Virtualization when it detects that AppV client binaries are loaded in Internet Explorer to prevent double hooking."

Solution 1:

Create the AllowJitvInAppvVirtualizedProcess registry key as shown below to fix this known issue.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


If it doesn't work try in wow6432Node registry.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Solution 2:

If Solution 1 doesn't work , try with the latest App-V 5.1 Hot Fix. Always make sure to use the latest App-V 5.1 Hot Fix. (A minimum of Hot Fix 4 is required for this issue to be resolved.)

You can download the latest Hot Fix here: KB4018510

NOTE: Fixes that are delivered to the “out-of-box” versions of App-V and UE-V are first delivered for the “in-box” versions of App-V and UE-V in the monthly Windows 10 cumulative updates.Since updates are provided to windows 10 in-box App-V client first, it will not require the installation of the latest Hot-Fix. But the AllowJitvInAppvVirtualizedProcess registry key is required.

Solution 3: 

If Solution 1 & Solution 2 doesn't work then open the sequenced package using App-V 5.1 sequencer and expand it to local from the tool menu.

Once it is de-virtualized, check whether the addin works. If it doesn't work then there is some file/registry missing.In this case, procmon or spystudio can help in troubleshooting.

Solution 4: ( Credits: Roy Essers)

If running on 64-bit windows then export the full hive HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\ClickToRun\REGISTRY, and import it into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Office\ClickToRun\REGISTRY.

NOTE: This must be done every time office updates.

I believe mostly Solution 1 & Solution 2 will fix the issue if the package has been properly sequenced.

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