Powershell to Automate Publishing of Bulk App-V 5.0 or 5.1 packages Globally in a Standalone environment

In a standalone environment, where there are many App-V 5.0 or App-V 5.1 packages that needs to be published and mounted in order to test the applications, it’s quite hard to open up powershell and type in the commands each time. This is quite time consuming and a repeated job.

With this powershell script, the job can be made easy by publishing these BULK packages. This powershell script code contains commands to ADD the App-V packages along with their respective DeploymentConfig.xml file and Publish them  and at last Mount them successfully.

The powershell code will first load the AppvClient module.

#Import App-V Client Module

Import-Module AppvClient

Next it will enable the execution of scripts present in the dynamic configuration files.

#Enable execution of scripts

Set-AppvClientConfiguration -EnablePackageScripts 1

NOTE: User has to edit the powershell code and give in the exact path where the packages are located. Say example, you have kept all the App-V packages in C:\App-V packages folder, then you need to edit the script and give in the exact C:\App-V packages path in the $appvfolder variable .

# specify the folder where bulk App-V packages are kept

$appvfolder = "C:\App-V packages"  

After this, the code fetches files from the given folder and executes the Add-AppvClientPackage, Publish-AppvClientPackage and Mount-AppvClientPackage

The resrtriction policy has to be changed in order to make the script to work properly.
To download the Powershell script click HERE

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