Powershell to Automate Publishing of Bulk App-V 5.0 or 5.1 packages to a User in a Standalone environment.

In a standalone environment, where there are many App-V 5.0 or App-V 5.1 packages that needs to be published and mounted to a user in order to test the applications, it’s quite hard to open up powershell and type in the commands each time. This is quite time consuming and a repeated job. 
With this powershell script, the job can be made easy by publishing these BULK packages. This powershell script code contains commands to ADD the App-V packages along with their respective DeploymentConfig.xml file and Publish them along with their UserConfig.xml file and at last Mount them successfully.
User has to first place all the App-V packages in a single folder and then edit the powershell script by giving in the exact folder path. 
The powershell code will first load the AppvClient module.

 #Import App-V Client Module 
 Import-Module AppvClient 
Next it will enable the execution of scripts present in the dynamic configuration files.
#Enable execution of scripts 

Set-AppvClientConfiguration -EnablePackageScripts
NOTE: User has to edit the powershell code and give in the exact path where the packages are located. Say example, you have kept all the App-V packages in C:\App-V packages folder, then you need to edit the script and give in the exact C:\App-V packages path in the $appvfolder variable . 
# specify the folder where bulk App-V packages are kept 
$appvfolder = "C:\App-V packages" 
After this, the code fetches files from the given folder and executes the Add-AppvClientPackage, Publish-AppvClientPackage and Mount-AppvClientPackage.
The resrtriction policy has to be changed in order to make the script to work properly. 
To download the Powershell script click HERE

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