App-V Support Tip: Publishing Server URL is unreachable after upgrade to 5.1

After upgrading App-V 5.0 Management and Publishing servers to App-V 5.1, you may encounter a problem where publishing no longer function properly and the following issues appear:

- Accessing the Publishing URL in Internet Explorer from directly on the Publishing Server (e.g.http://localhost:82, where 82 is the port assigned to the Publishing Server Service) generates the following error message:

The website cannot display the page

- The event below is seen in Event Viewer\Applications and Servers logs\App-V\Server-Publishing-Private\Debug:
Failed to pre-load publishing metadata. 

Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 
Stack Trace: 
   at Microsoft.AppV.Server.Publishing.PublishingMetadataSerializer.PackageSerializer.Load(XElement pkgElement, PublishingMetadata& data) 
   at Microsoft.AppV.Server.Publishing.PublishingMetadataSerializer.RootSerializer.Load(XmlReader reader) 
   at Microsoft.AppV.Server.Publishing.PublishingMetadataSerializer.LoadFromFile(String filePath) 
   at Microsoft.AppV.Server.Publishing.DataManager.ProcessRawMetadata() 
   at Microsoft.AppV.Server.Publishing.DataManager.PreLoadPublishingMetadata() 
   at Microsoft.AppV.Server.Publishing.DataManager..ctor()

To know about the cause and the resolution check the below Microsoft Technet link.

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