How to run multiple scripts in App-V 5.1

Later today when I opened my blog to update a new post, I found that I already had quite some posts in drafts section. Few of them are outdated and few needed to be updated to the current date. I will be updating them and post them as soon as possible. The first post to clear from my draft bucket is how to add multiple scripts in App-V.

Earlier in App-V 5.0 it wasn't possible to run multiple scripts in deploymentconfig.xml or userconfig.xml file.

But in the latest App-V 5.1, it supports running multiple scripts both in deploymentconfig.xml or userconfig.xml file with the help of ScriptRunner.exe.

ScriptRunner.exe comes along with the App-V 5.1 client and gets installed in the client folder.

You can check how to use the ScriptRunner.exe and its parameters by opening up CMD and running ScriptRunner.exe /?

You can add multiple scripts by adding them as arguments to the ScriptRunner.exe using -appvscript parameter. The scripts run in the order as how we give them. But note we need to add the -wait parameter. If not given the scripts will run without any order.

We can add the -wait, -timeout, -rollbackonerror parameters using the -AppVScriptRunnerParameters to ScriptRunner.exe.It's not mandatory to provide all the -wait, -timeout,-rollbackonerror parameters. We can add them only when needed. But be sure to add -wait parameter if you want the scripts to run in an order to avoid issues.

ScriptRunner.exe can be used in both the DeploymentConfig.xml and the UserConfig.xml files.It can also be used in AppxManifest.xml. To know more about how to export, edit and import the AppxManifest file check here -

ScriptRunner.exe can be used in all the 8 trigger events both in the MachineScripts and UserScripts section.

To know more check the official TechNet page:

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