User settings and Connection Group in App-V 5.0

User settings from a connection group member packages will not be transferred to its Connection Groups. Similarly, once the Connection Group is disabled, user settings from the Connection Group will not be transferred to its member packages.

1.     Sequence Google chrome application using App-V 5.0.

2.     Sequence Adobe shockwave Player using App-V 5.0.

3.     Add/Publish/mount Google chrome App-V Package.

4.     Launch Google chrome shortcut and set as homepage.This setting will be stored in user profile location.

5.     Add/Publish/mount Adobe shockwave player.

6.     Now create a connection group for Google chrome and Adobe shockwave Player packages.

7.     Open Google Chrome and now you can see is not seen as home page. This is because user settings will not be transferred to the connection group.

8.     Now set as the new homepage. Close the shortcut and open the Google chrome package again. You can see the been set as homepage.

9.     Now disable the connection group and re-launch the Google chrome shortcut, you can see the home page will be set to and not This is because since we have closed the connection group, the user settings that was set inside the connection group will be broken and not reflected back to its member package.

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