Unpublishing shows App in use error even when there is no application process running in task manager - Reason

Question: Even though when application is closed and no process or child process is running behind, unpublishing the package still shows application is in use and creates a Pending Task entry in the registry key. What is the reason? why it fails?

Answer: This issue is happening because of the Dynamic Virtualization (Just In Time virtualization) provided by the App-V 5.0 SP2 and higher. There are some applications like office, visio etc which has shell integration's that tightly integrates with the Explorer and Internet Explorer by default and are processed to use the virtual components. This is to enable support for enhanced shell extensions like context menu, drag and drop handler, drop target handler,data object handler,property sheet handler,infotip handler,column handler and preview handler.

Closing the running application, Internet explorer and trying to unpublish still shows "App in use" error.Even if we try to run the Stop-AppvClientPackage command in an elevated powershell, it will kill the running application and the Explorer to which the shell is hooked. The explorer which got closed earlier in turn will automatically restart quickly, and so making the package to be in use.You can check this using Process Explorer and searching for AppvEntsubSystems32.dll or AppvEntsubSystems64.dll. This will reveal the process that is using them.

Also you can check in CMD by using the below commands.

Listdlls.exe -v -d AppvEntsubSystems32.dll (or)
Listdlls.exe -v -d  AppvEntsubSystems64.dll 

Listdlls.exe is available with sysinternals tool. You can download it from here.


You can see that explorer.exe and Iexplore.exe are present by default in the ProcessUsingVirtualcomponents key in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Virtualization

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