Windows 10 v1703 - Auto App-V unpublished package clean up

Earlier when we unpublish App-V packages it used to stay in the App-V cache location  and used to occupy unwanted storage space on the client machines. If we want to remove them to free up space we need to  do manual removal or using powershell command Remove-AppVClientpackage

With the release of the new windows 10 creators update v1703 App-V client provides options to automatically cleanup the unpublished packages.It requires restart.

This option can be enabled either by PowerShell or group policy or Registry.


Open PowerShell as administrator and run the below code.

Set-AppvClientConfiguration -AutoCleanupEnabled 1


Run the below code to get the status.


Group Policy:

Go to Administrative Templates-System-App-V-PackageManagement-Enable automatic cleanup of unused appv packages and select enabled.



Finally Microsoft have provided the much awaited feature to its users.