List Applications In Use - App-V 4.6 & App-V 5.0

To list applications that are in-use in App-V 4.6 & App-V 5.0 we can use the below scripts.

App-V 5.0:

1. Set execution policy to bypass or unrestricted in elevated Powershell.

2. Run the following command.

Get-AppvClientPackage -all|ft name,InUse

This command will list out applications and their status in the powershell UI.

To export these contents to a text file use the below command.

Get-AppvClientPackage -all|ft name,InUse > c:\Inuse.log

If you need to list Applications that are currently in use alone use the below script.

Create a powershell script Inuse.PS1 with the below lines.

$a=get-appvclientpackage -all
foreach ($b in $a)
if ($b.inuse -eq $true)
write-host $

Run the Inuse.PS1 inside the powershell and it will list the application in-use in the powershell UI.

App-V 4.6:

1. Open an elevated CMD and type in the below command.This will create a log file with the applications and their In-Use status along with it.

sftmime query obj:package /global /log c:\VirtualApps.log

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