Issue with sequenced SAP GUI 7.40 "Unable to load GSS-API DLL named sncgss32.dll" - APPV 5.0

Hi folks, hope everything is going fine. First I would like to  thank all for your tremendous support. It's a sunny weekend here and I am sitting in home and blogging .

Previously, one of my distance friend who is an App-V engineer asked me to help him with an issue he was facing when launching virtualized SAP GUI 7.40. When launching the SAP logon shortcut, he was facing this issue.

When clicking yes, it prompts the below information.

First and more most tool that helps us is the great handy PROCMON tool. When analyzing the issue it showed that the shortcut is looking for sncgss32.dll and it couldn't find it.We manually searched in the App-V location and yes we couldn't find it anywhere.

We installed the source manually in a fresh machine and searched for the sncgss32.dll and we couldn't find it anywhere.

Then comes our friend Google. we searched what might be the reason for failure. We found that it needed an  environment variable SNC_LIB of the client host system set to <Install_Path_SAP_GUI>\FrontEnd\SapGui\Encryption\secgss.dll"

I checked with him whether the environment variable was set during monitoring phase. Indeed his reply was that the environment variable was set during sequencing.

We then opened up the virtual bubble of the sequenced SAP GUI package using the below command.

cmd.exe /appvve:ProductID_VersionID

We can see that the SNC_LIB environment variable inside the virtual environment using the SET command. Then why the application is failing to use it?

We manually created the environment variable locally in the machine. Now when launching the shortcut it works fine as expected. But we didn't want this to be the solution. Lets try some other method.

I often ask people to launch the shortcut inside the virtual bubble once whenever they face any error to eradicate issues in a simple way. The same we did here too.

We tried to launch the shortcut exe inside the virtual bubble (which was opened earlier using cmd.exe /appvve:ProductID_VersionID). Viola!!! the shortcut works as expected.


You can also modify the main shortcut and add CMD to run as a middleman.


cmd.exe /c start "" "C:\Program Files\myapp.exe"

Thanks Dan Gough for pointing this out.


  1. I have seen this issue a few times before also, I have and solved it by modifying my main shortcut to run cmd as a middleman:

    cmd.exe /c start "" "C:\Program Files\myapp.exe"

  2. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your valuable feedback. I will add it to the blog.