Not able to see App-V 5.1 client GUI - Reason & Solution

Recently I have seen many queries in Technet and other groups about whether there is an App-V 5.1 client GUI available or they couldn't see the client GUI after installing App-V 5.1 client.
So let me clear this confusion first.

Microsoft doesn't provide a client GUI for App-V 5.1.Though it has stated in the below links that there is an UI available for App-V 5.1, it doesn't provide any link to download nor has a separate shortcut which I confirmed by opening the MSI and had a look for any client UI shortcut.

(Have posted in Technet about this false informations. check HERE.Hope MS will look into it.) 

We already know that it stopped providing GUI from App-V 5.0 SP2. Beginning App-V 5.0 SP2, Microsoft started providing a separate client GUI which can be downloaded from the below link.

Microsoft provides the client GUI as both windows installer (MSI) and App-V format. You can choose which one will suit your requirement. 

Don't get confused as both the files are in .msi formats. The first one is windows installer which installs the client UI (appv_client_ui_setup.msi) and the second one (appv_clientUI_package.msi) just extracts the .appv files.

Even for App-V 5.0 SP3 there was no separate client GUI provided by Microsoft.They asked to use the existing GUI that was provided for App-V 5.0 SP2 and it worked well for SP3 too.

Now the real question which many people asked me is that whether we can use the existing App-V 5.0 SP2 client GUI for App-V 5.1 as there is no UI? Will it work with App-V 5.1?

Yes, would be my answer. I recently tested this in my test lab and found it to be successful.I installed App-V client GUI from the above link in the machine where App-V 5.1 HF2 client is present.
Published some test apps and checked in the client GUI. It was visible. I was able to perform all the functionalities like repair,view applications and connection groups,update,download etc..

If you don't wish to use the GUI, you can use the Powershell commands which comes in handy. 

Also check the AppV_Manage tool provided by Tim Mangan. It works great for App-V 5.1.
(P.S I use this as it is great and I would recommend using it.)

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